About Mira

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Mira sewaktu berada di Perpustakaan Sekolah Kuwait di Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2014

M.K. Wirawan stands for Miranti Kencana Wirawan known as Mira or Miranti, was born in Jakarta, October 21, 1991. She was graduated from Sebelas Maret University, Arabic Literature, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, major in Middle East Studies Program.
Miranti used to be a radio announcer in RIA FM Solo-Sonora Network, a script writer, reporter and journalist for local newspaper at Sebelas Maret university in Surakarta City. She concerned in cultures fields studies, languages (now she is learning Russian) and social environments. She also won some competitions such as first winner of Female Announcer on Announcing Competition held by RRI (Radio of Republic Indonesia) 2014, also national writing novel competition. Her writings are some short stories, novels, poems, articles and features.
Miranti had been a volunteer in Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) for a Global Youth Development Program AIESEC on 2014 and had being a host-family for a Chinese student in the middle of 2015. She loves tourism and was establishing her tourism page on Facebook named DawaMiranti Indonesia Tour and Travel and often brought some tourists to visit Indonesia. She used to be a secretary to director at Mercubuana University but now she’s enjoying to be a housewife.
You may contact her via email mirantikejer@gmail.com or follow her twitter and Instagram: @mkwirawan and @dawami.foundation