Cooking Challenge For A Better Soul

Yesterday, my best friend Demi Lee had a chat with me via WeChat. Cause she’s in China and I am in Jakarta. We know each other since 2015. We shared stories of foods, recipes, books, and movies. She asked me what is my activities recently so I replied, I did cooking for months! since I got married on September 2016 and it’s almost a year, I spent my time more cooking than before. I left my job as secretary to director just because I wanna chillin’ at home and cooking for my husband. I enjoy being a housewife and cooking helps me a lot, I told her that.

So, she remembered that a day before she was watching a movie named Julia and Julie. Which was very exciting and she thinks I supposed to watch the movie also. I told her I know and read the movie review. It’s one of Meryl Streep’s great movie. I love her since the Devil wears Prada. But then, I never realize that Meryl Streep very enchanted as Julia Child!


my simply chicken broth

Demi Lee always telling me that someday I would be an artist. Can you imagine, honorable readers? An artist! She said I have good talent in writing, I could move a mountain in her mind just writing some words. She kept saying someday I will have a bright future career as author, best selling books, having a great blue house, amazing kitchen and recipes. She will be the first admirer. No, she already is!

So I told her I’m gonna watch the movie and consider her words. She said, what happened to me now is happened also to Julie’s character in that movie. She needs to find a way to fill her boring life. That is why she cook! Demi probably thinks the truth of this philosophy. She wants me to watch the movie and feel the soul, at the end–write a story of mine, of all this cooking stuff. Cooking is really make people feel better. Better, yes, better like having butter in our toast!

I did it. I watched the movie and then what I wanna do is….WRITING. Yup! I posted some pics on instagram before I watched the movie. all pictures of my food. I cooked everyday, every morning, every evening. Plus, my little sister come and live along with me and husband. she’s just a high school student and needs some energy. If I’m not too tired I keep cooking at evening for her breakfast tomorrow morning.


I made a vegetable soup with some sliced meat balls and chicken broth

Julia and Julie’s movie was a great movie ever. It has soul. maybe because I felt the same with Julie’s. Somehow I speak to my self while cooking and imagining a great chef standing in front of me. A really nice chef, charming and friendly.

Then, I realize what I did was completely marvelous. I must keep cooking and posting the pics, the recipes (with my own style) and maybe I should write down all of it in English and Russian. It would be more interesting, isn’t it?

I don’t wanna say that since watching Julia and Julie’s movie I am practically having a new cooking challenge like Julie did on the screen. I prefer to continue my work on Instagram (even my cousin suggests me to put the recipes on cookpad). Instagram is not a bad choice to have a good new move. I love writing, singing, studying culture and philosophy so what’s wrong with adding another one, cooking?


my simply indonesian food. rice, sambal, fried tempe and spicy stir oncom with lemon basil

Perhaps, I will not gain that much for money. But at least I can share with you all my Indonesian food recipes (in my version) and feeding my man happily ever after!

P.S: If you guys have some suggestions you may send me by email. I will appreciate that, thank you!


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