The Worse Ramadhan Ever

I’ve passed my days as a student. Beautiful holidays, smiling people everywhere, a peace life in my homeland when I was a kid and not wearing hijab. Everything changed when I turned 17 years old and wearing my hijab. I met all miseries, no smiling faces, hard to get a job, and got rid by some friends.

This Ramadhan is the worse ever in my life. The reasons are:

First, we know that Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a Ahok was jailed by dilematic article in constitution. People seems back to 1998; these people are racist–they hate Chinese. I’ve had a bad experience with one of hospital which is belong to a Chinese like one year ago (that time, I was apply for a job as doctor’s assistant. They accepted me with one condition: I must take off my hijab), but it did not make me hate Chinese. Because I believe, bad people will be everywhere and from many backgrounds.

Second, ISIS has been besieg an Island in South Philippine. It is near, close to Indonesia. Common people (especially who are lazy to read) thought that ISIS (Daesh) is a represent of ISLAM. It was not true. It is even a nightmare for muslims. How can people like them called muslim anyway?

Third, some of family and my friends are hard-line radical muslims. They are asking for KHILAFAH but they do not want to called as ISIS affiliated. Well, these people were struggling and demonstrating what they believe as a solution. Which is, I think, Indonesia’s basic philosophy and Ideology of PANCASILA is FINAL. We can not change this country with KHILAFAH. It’s not relevant anymore. We are live facing the future, so we can not go back to the past or even repeat the same mistake.

Fourth, I do not have enough money to go overseas. All that I can do is chatting with my friends from China, Estonia, Egypt, and Russia and discussing about these problems. Less money actually not a big deal for me, I mean, I enjoy my simple life. I even hate to live high-class standard. I used to satisfied with my childhood but now I am an independent woman. I must go for more income for saving, go overseas, take a new life somewhere. One of international journalist told me, no one place in this earth that love muslim. I think what this international journalist said was true. But still, I believe, there is a place full of peace with random people all over the world.

Fifth, I am in process to get pregnant. My mother in law keep asking me about that. I do not want to have a kid in chaos situation, actually. But considering my parents in law and my husband, I decided to get pregnant program. I’d love to have kids, but this situation… I dont know.

Well, I guess those are the problems that made my Ramadhan this year get worse. I have no feeling of peace in my own homeland. What I can do now is praying and believing only. I keep sharing my point of view about living in diversity is happiness through my social medias. And I wish someday, people in my country will stand together in peace.

Is there a hope for Indonesia?


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