“What’s that, Mom?”

As I child, I asked my mom everything. I imagined, maybe the floors and the walls are filled by small micro-organisms, it made me put a little bit more concern when touching the wall and kind of afraid feeling. Imagining plenty of small micro-organism crawling on my palm hand. I asked my mom, was it true? and she told me, “no worry, Dear. Those were bacterias! They wouldn’t bite you!”

the amanita muscaria mushroom somehow appears very small in our garden after the Ice-rain. I almost touched it but mom says No. She explained, “it’s poisonous.” I told her, I saw some little people lived there and sing a song. Mom said, “oh, those were dwarves!”

And one day, I thought there’s lived a woman with long black hair in my cupboard. She was hanging and her voice seems like such a beautiful singer! I told it to my mom and unexpectedly, the cupboard was open by itself. I shouted, “See! What’s that, Mom?”

Mom didn’t answer.

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