The Horror of My Night

A book named “the classic horror tales for children” lies on my desk, next to my bed. Mom must bought it today. She always put some new books next to my bed so I could easy to read before I sleep. But this one, horror tales! What kind of people who made horror tales for children? And what kind of mother who just put this kind of book next to bed and didn’t tell her daughter, ‘do not be afraid.’

Well, I said to the book, “surprise me!” and read one story; Bring Back My Hairy Toes!

“Mom!,” me shouting in the middle of reading the story, “Mom, do you hear me?”

Mom’s sleeping. She had turn off the lamp, no light coming through my room from outside. It’s dark and getting darker since I choose to finish what I read. The story tells me about a boy named Andrew who were hiding somewhere in his room from a horrible donkey that appears from a cabinet. He asked Andrew to bring back his hairy toes. Andrew was very afraid, he doesn’t know where the hairy toes are!

Oh Lord, I can’t stand it for so long! I ran to my Mom’s room. But before I knock the door, I heard she says, “Be nice, Darling. Sleep.” So, I come back to my bed and pray. I closed the book and throw it under my couchette. But then, somebody moaning, “Ouch!”

I can not breathe for a few seconds. Soon I realized, somebody’s here! Somebody moaned under my couchette. I don’t want to ask him anything. Quickly I close my eyes, lying down on my bed silently in the dark.

The horror of my night not ending yet. I feel cold in my feet and I realized my blanket was small–can not covered all my body. Then I heard somebody under my couchette saying, “dear you, please do not eat me! I am just a boy. I am a good boy.”

What’s wrong with him? Who am I for every people in this city, huh? I am a good boy too! Why should I want to eat him? Then, I decided to ignore what he said, and pretending not listen to his breathe.

But unfortunately, this boy is so noisy. I feel very mad at him and turn on the lamp. I am standing in front of my cupboard and look into the mirror.

the boy appears from under couchette and stand behind me, “please go away!”

I saw my self on mirror.

An ugly horrible donkey with hairy toes as my horn!

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