JAKARTA’s Governor Election Proved many Conservative Muslims Involved.

K.H Hasyim Asy’ari and other salaf scholar once said, “the best of grace is intellect, and the worst is foolishness.” Well, it was an obsolete words. It looks now, people seems won’t use their intellectuality but foolishness and ignorance that grow and defeat the sense of humanity.

Yesterday, people of Jakarta had choosed Anies Rasyid Baswedan and Salahuddin Sandiaga Uno as their new governor. Plenty of relations were broken as long as Jakarta’s Governor Election process  happened; children-parents, friend to friend, neighborhood, even fellow relatives. I don’t know if it would continue in further or will stop here as the new governor was choosen.

I hate to tell you that desperate people were fighting dan arguing each other. It was started when conservative muslims group leader, Rizieq Shihab (that supports Anies-Sandiaga as governor because they are muslim) mentioned that according to Quran Verse Al-Maidah 51, muslims are not allowed for having non-muslim leader.


Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a AHOK. A chinese ethnic and christian governor. Double minority.

Then, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama a.k.a Ahok (as Jon Emont said on his article) was charged with blasphemy after telling Muslim audiences that they shouldn’t be misled by imams who say Muslims are forbidden to vote for non-believers. Unfortunately, many conservative muslims were took his words in a wrong way. They thought Ahok had defiled the Quran. They blamed Ahok and sued him to the trial. Many conservative muslims from around region in Indonesia gathered and forced the government to imprison Ahok.

Since Anies-Sandi were choosen as the new governor of Jakarta, we can see now how conservative muslims were dominated the city (and I’m afraid the whole country). Many intimidations they have done, the most known is; muslims which pro Ahok-Djarot as governor will never been prayed (shalat) by other muslim in several masjids (mosques) when they died. You can see the threat pamphlet in front of several masjids, many brochures to persuade people for not vote non-muslim leader, labelling Kafir, Munafiq and Murtad for people who vote Ahok. That was not only a threat! They did them all.


the new governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies-Sandiaga

Worsely, the conservative muslims were thinking that Ahok’s voters are Syi’ah or close to Syi’ah. They think their understanding are the most correct and others who opposite of them are labelled as Syi’ah-liberal-secular (all of them refer to the bad meaning; kafir, munafiq, etc). I have no any problem when people (whoever he/she is) told me as Syi’ah, Liberal or Secular. There’s so many Syi’ah muslim friends of mine and most of them are good people. They pray shalat, they do zakat, they praise Allah Subhanahu wa ta’alaa, they loved Rasulullah peace be upon him and His shahabat, followers and ahlul bayt even more than Sunni. So the problem was not about being called as Syi’ah, but the meaning of the label: KAFIR. These conservative muslims were over the limit!


There’s no wrong to be Syi’ah or Sunni. There’s no wrong to be a liberal, secular even conservative it self. There is wrong when you, me, we are over our limit as human being. We are not God. We can not judge people, label them as we please. The judgement about who’s being kafir, munafiq, murtad, good or bad is belong to God. I completely out of my mind about it. I have no idea how to deal with conservative people who did whatever they want as they please.

So now, I guess the only thing I could do is still being a part of good society. The election proved that Jakarta’s new governor was abused the conservative muslims forces to make them won. And if Ahok will be imprisoned, Rizieq Shihab must be treated similiarly. Why? Rizieq Shihab kept insulting other beliefs with bad words, he once said that “if Jesus Christ was born as God, who’s the midwife?” He’s really has reflected the face of Islam that is incompatible with the teachings of the Prophets. He shouted Ahok as a sinner but he even can not be aware of his own mouth.

I must say, deeply sorry, he’s not deserves to called as Habib.

This battle maybe ended, but fighting against terrorism, anarchy, and other bad thinkings are still going on. No matter what their come from, we must anticipated. Indonesia is not an Islamic country. As a muslim, we asked to behave what Islam taught us and be good to another in Islam ways, with no harm, no intimidate, no seggregation, no insulting, no killing, in short, no bad deeds. Being a muslim and majority in a country doesn’t mean we must rule it by our own Holy book. We must respect others beliefs and stand for humanity.


doc. google

As what Lenin Peace Prize receiver, Abdul Sattar Edhi said, “No religion is higher than humanity.”

Open our mind, our heart. Be nice, be wise.

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