My First International Trade Expo!


Me (on grey blouse with floral hijab), my auntie (on red), my beloved Dad and my bestpal on the last day of Jakarta International Trade Expo Kemayoran 12-14 October 2016

It was a pleasant moment I had. A very unforgettable moment in my life. I never imagined working in my own company with family members. But now it feels real.

My Dad, my uncle and I were supposed to work in our previous company regularly. Until so many problems came disappointed us to live our life. My Dad and my Uncle decided to left their job and establish a company. My Aunt gave them some chances to help her business. Not only chances but also supports in many ways. My Dad asked me to join with him so did my uncle. Both of them agreed to hire me as their secretary.

We were working for at least almost 2 months to build this company. We also have another members from my uncle’s childhood friends. So, the five of us struggled very hard to please our self in working and building the company. Finally, we need another one staff for IT, and I asked my uncle to choose my best friend, Arta to be the candidate. Now, we are six! Seven, because my mom helping my job as a cashier.

The Jakarta International Trade Expo in Kemayoran was the first of my experience for selling goods to people from another countries. Our company, CV Pharabuana Regist was selling the goods/products from my aunt’s factory. She has two medium factories and company which is worked in Pharmacy because she’s a pharmacist. Our products based on herbs because we are support for healthy life.

The Guests From Overseas

I met with hundred people from different countries that time. Our stand was supported by SCOPI (Suistainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia) thanks to Ms.Veronica who helped us a lot. And of course because the government of Bogor City asked my aunt’s coffee product (Den Bagus herbs coffee) to join the expo, we had our great time on the event!

In my team, I was being the interpreter even my English was not that perfect. At least, my English helps the situation when the buyers came to our display room. My Dad and Uncle were very cooperated too, they served Indonesian people and attracted many foreigners buyers and visitors to visit our place and meet my explanation. Lot of them were attracted and interested of Indonesian coffee and of course our products. They gave us some contacts to keep in touch in the future.

I was very excited to speak with so many foreigners. It was a pleasant memory of mine. Here are some photos of my memories with them:


my first funny and friendly guest, Mr. Muhammed Cengic, ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina


This man, Mr.Mairaj Mohammad from Kabul, Afghanistan. He’s the most dignified person at Jakarta International Expo. He was so humble, charming and wise. I love the way he talks, moves, and speaks. I bet he’s a good man and a good father!


And this family, I forgot their names, I just remembered that they are from South Africa. It reminds me of Nelson Mandela. They told me some stories about it then they told me that in Africa, Starbucks Coffee wrote the name of Indonesian Coffee at their cafe. “Which one of these coffee that made for Starbucks?” they asked me, “I am sorry, I have no idea. I believe it is a secret between Starbucks and coffee farmers of Indonesia,” See? You’ll never know what will come to you with new people!


This man, I forgot his name, but I remembered he’s from Russia. He has lack in English, and my Russian Language is still poor. But at least I have tried my best to explain to him in Russian.


this couple are from Malaysia. Firstly I thought they are from China. But then they spoke in Malay. Both of them nice and friendly.


this beautiful Lady named Sherry from Singapore. She’s the tallest woman I met at Jakarta International Expo.She also charming, friendly, a good observer and a good listener.

Yup! So many photos I’d really wanna share with you but I should say, it takes a lot of time to upload. Well, I was so excited to run this business. I wish this 2016 will be the beginning of my business achievement.

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  1. wirosasono says:

    Pekerjaan yang menyenangkan adalah hoby yang dibayar.


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