(Part 1) Interesting Russian Language

I began to wonder of Russian Language since I had a little adventure in Bishkek on 2014. I was shocked, many Kyrgyz people spoke in Russian Language. I thought most of them speak in Kyrgyz but then I found it different. I was lived by my host family who treat me very well. My host-sister was accompany me to do many things; teaching, skiing, snow sledding, cooking and so on. In the middle of our activities, we spent a quality time together to learn our natives language. I taught her some special words in Bahasa Indonesia on the contrary she taught me some words in Russian Language.

Two years left now. Along those years I kept contacting with my host sister in Bishkek. I even made a book about my experience there, you may check here. Several times I am having now and allow me to do one or two types of work. I remembered my experience in Bishkek and that is why I choose to study Russian Language.


Enjoying skiing, snow boarding with my host sister, Shahzada Alisherovna (brown coat) at Mount Zil Bishkek

It was pretty hard to know that actually there is a Russian Center of Science and Culture in Jakarta. After finishing my graduate study, I went back to my hometown and work. I used to work in one of big University as a Secretary. But now I left the job and build my own company in branding, consulting services, and trading with my family.

Now I am in a middle of my class in Russian Center of Science and Culture (RCSC) with Aleksandra as a mentor. Before I tell you specifically grammar,words,sentences, related to Russian Language, it is better for you to know some basics. Like I used to learn it for the first time. But in this opportunity, let me share my opinion why is Russian Language has some interest things for me.

Russian Language seems difficult but logic.

As a bachelor in Arabic (major in Middle East Studies), at least I remembered how Arabic verbs (sharf) has 14 changes of words depend on pronoun and time (past, present, future). Arabic Language also distinguish between feminine and masculine. It is also happen in Russian Language. It is even add one, a neutral. So, Russian Language knows Feminine, Masculine, and Neutral in singular and plural. Fortunately, though the singular verbs are different, they help me to know quickly just because their characteristics. Besides, the plural of feminine, masculine and neutral are same so I don’t get burdened of it. But I don’t know, I felt Russian Language is more easier for me to understand than Arabic. So, although Russian Language is difficult (means complete), the grammar is logic for me and easier to understand.

It is straight and fast.

We don’t need to say plenty of words when we speak in Russian Language. As a sample, please take a look at sentences below:

Mira is a doctor. She is working in hospital. Her native language is Bahasa Indonesia. Her native country is Indonesia. She lives in Bandung.

Questions: “Where does Mira live? Is she a doctor?”

Answer in English: “Mira lives in Bandung. Yes, She is a doctor.”

Answer in Russian Language: “Bandung. Da.”

The letters are unique and easy to learn.


Russian Cyrillic Alphabet

First time I saw a word in front of Restaurant in Bishkek written as PECTOPAH. I used to say to my host-sister “could you please take me to that pectopah?” I read as it written. I didn’t know that P means R in English, C means S, H means N, so even its written as PECTOPAH, we should read as “RESTORAN” precisely same like Bahasa Indonesia which in English means RESTAURANT.

Well, there are so many things I wanna share with you. I hope this part one could be a simply illustration for you to know how much do you need to learn Russian Language. Please wait for the next article, I will share my first lesson with Mrs. Aleksandra. Hope you guys in a prosperous condition, and see you again!

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